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Losing Louisa

Losing Louisa (1999)
Lacey Levine's family has changed since her parents' divorce. Her mother is dating, and acting like a teenager, her father has remarried and his new wife has a baby. Lacey is struggling with the changes and trying to sort out her own crush on a 'jerk' named David. Then, she finds out that her older sister, Rosie --smart, 'goody two shoes Rosie'-- is pregnant. As the family draws together in helping Rosie sort out her options, Lacey discovers that, no matter how it may be configured, family is family. A tender novel about sisters, decisions, and love in its many forms.

"With humor and a light touch, Caseley realistically protrays teens, their loves, their friendships, and their insecurities. Readers will identify with a story that could be set in Any High School, USA.  Tough decisions require tough discussions, and the abortion vs. adoption scene is well done. Never maudlin or didactic, Caseley's novel is a story of love, family, and the resilience of the spirit." --Gail Richmond, San Diego Unified Schools, CA (School Library Journal)

"A tough, persuasive examination of the devastating effects of divorce on the members of what appeared to be a strong, solid family....In the end, readers know that the Levines will survive, and that Lacey, a particularly memorable character, will be there for them." --Kirkus
"Caseley subtly makes a good case for teenage abstinence in a pamphlet Lacey reads at the clinic, and Rosie's fears and uncertainty are very real. Losing Louisa will find an audience among younger teenage girls and it gets across the no booze, no sex message without preaching." --VOYA (Rating 'Broad General YA Appeal, Grades 7 & Older')



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