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Mickey's Class Play

Mickey’s Class Play (1998) Mickey’s class is putting on a play, and Mickey is eventually pleased to be a duck. His family helps him practice his lines, but on the day of his play, he is so excited, he leaves his duck costume out in the rain. His sister Jenna saves the day, devising a new costume unlike the others---a pintail duck. A book about diversity and celebrating differences, based on my son Michael’s dilemma when he hurt his left and refused to go on. "I can’t be a duck with one leg," he told me.

"A delightful story that will strike a familiar chord with children and parents alike. Great for school read-alouds, especially where a curtain may be going up." -- Ilene Cooper, Booklist

"A good choice on many levels, this book can be used to celebrate differences, to show strong family bonds, to encourage ingenuity, and to emphasize responsibility" --Anne Knickerbocker, School Library Journal



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