This page is dedicated to helping you arrange for Ms.Caseley to give a talk at your school.
"In Style with Grandma Antoinette," can be purchased from
Tanglewood Books by calling 1-800-836-4994

Jan. 21
Boyle Road Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, NY

February 7
Literacy Festival/Hardin County Schools
Elizabethtown, Kentucky

February 9

William Rall Elementary School
LIndenhurst, NY

February 12
Hillside Ave. School
Cranford, NJ

February 25

Goosehill Primary School
Cold Spring Harbor, NY

March 23
AT Morrow School
Islandia, NY

March 25
Center St. Elementary School
Williston Park, NY


All Caseley works are conceptualized to resonate with and enhance the goals of the English Language Arts and Balanced Literacy Standards.

Dowload the PDF file, Alignments for Teachers, by clicking here.

The main goal of Ms. Caseley's talks is to help children connect to her stories, learn new things, and be entertained. To this end, a large emphasis is placed on sparking the kids to read, write, and "draw like crazy" (the author's own words) after presentations.
As a rule, once you invite Ms. Caseley to speak, she's yours for the entire school day. Generally, the best way to use this time is to schedule two programs in the morning, a stop for lunch, and one program in the afternoon. (Mixing grade levels --even 5th-graders and kindergartners-- is not a problem!) Additionally, if you'd like to split a day with another school in your district, that can be arranged, but proper notice must be given in advance.

Above all, remember, Ms. Caseley is flexible! If you need special accommodations, almost anything within reason can be worked out given proper time, and don't hesitate to ask!
Generally, Ms. Caseley's talks run at $1500 per day --that's three presentations plus autographing, 45 minutes each. Each additional program past the standard three costs $400.
If you do arrange for Ms. Caseley to speak at your school, there are a few things you'll need to have ready. You'll need the following:

  • A single room where all the classes can be brought to. For obvious reasons, this presents less difficulty than having Ms. Caseley switch rooms for each presentation.
  • The aforementioned room ought to have dimming lights, or lights that may be switched off, in order to better accommodate...
  • ...the slide projector. Just a standard slide projector will do fine.
  • An extension cord (if necessary).
  • An easel.
  • A pad of drawing paper.
  • Please inform us if any of these items are unavailable.

In addition to supplies, these presentations work best if the children are properly prepared. This is best accomplished by having the children read at least a few of Ms. Caseley's books beforehand. (A popular idea is to 'buddy up' children, having older grades read to younger grades.) This helps the lesson flow smoothly (similar themes run through both the picture books and the middle readers), and also lends an air of 'magic' to the presentation; when a photograph of Ms. Caseley's daughter pops up on the screen followed by a photo from 'Dear Annie', the children will experience a 'eureka' of recognition!
Many schools choose to sell Ms. Caseley's books directly on-site in conjunction with her lesson. If you'd like to take advantage of this option, call HarperCollins directly at (800) 242-7737. (Tell them that Ms. Caseley is scheduled to present in your school, and you'll be given a special discount.) What to do with the proceeds of sales is also up to you; generally, the two options are to either (a) sell the books at full price to profit the school, or (b) offer the books to children at a reduced price.

The following comes straight from HarperCollins, Ms. Caseley's current publisher:

"Trade and paperback editions are available at a 40% discount off the list price. Library bindings are available at a 25% discount, but if the trade edition is not available, the 40% discount will be made available. If your order comes to $200 or more before the discount is applied,  HarperCollins will pay the cost of shipping your order. Your organization is responsible for the cost of shipping unsold books back to the warehouse, using any shipping method. Please call the toll-free Customer Service number, (800) 242-7737, four to six weeks prior to [Ms. Caseley's] appearance. "
Needless to say, Ms. Caseley will be happy to sign copies of every book purchased, free of charge. (This includes a small, individual picture for each book.) She will also happily prepare bookmarks on the day of the presentation.
It is asked that you send Ms. Caseley explicit directions to your school, preferably as though they were written for a two year old.
'Taking The Plunge'
Once you've decided to have Ms. Caseley speak at your school, you may send an email to Ms. Caseley herself at Then HarperCollins will send you a letter of confirmation after the date is set.
Hope to see you soon!

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